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The Circulation, Watermasses and Sea Ice of Baffin Bay
Charles C. L. Tang, Charles K. Ross, Tom Yao, Brian Petrie, Brenden M. DeTracey and Ewa Dunlap (Bedford Institute of Oceanography)    (5 MB)

Progress in Oceanography (2004), 63, 183-228.

Recent Results and Thoughts on the Subpolar Gyre
T. Haine (JHU) & R. Pickart (WHOI)    (847 KB)


An Observational Array for High-Resolution, Year-Round Measurements of Volume, Freshwater and Ice Flux Variability in Davis Strait: Cruise Report for R/V Knorr 179-5, 22 September - 4 October 2004
Craig M. Lee (APL-UW), James Abriel (BIO), Jason I. Gobat (APL-UW), Brian Petrie (BIO), Murray Scotney (BIO), Victor Soukhovtsev (BIO) and Keith Van Thiel (APL-UW)

Report from the first Davis Strait FWI/ASOF cruise.(4.1 MB)

CATS Cruise Report
July 21 - August 16, 2003    (8 MB)

Comprehensive report from the first Canadian Archipelago Throughflow Study (CATS) cruise.

CATS/ASOF_W Meeting Report
Institute of Ocean Sciences, Sydney, Canada, June 19-20, 2003    (925 KB)

Notes from the CATS/ASOF science investigators meeting held prior to the first CATS cruise.

Application of ALPS Technologies to High-Latitude Science Issues
NSF Autonomous and Lagrangian Platforms and Sensors (ALPS) Workshop, La Jolla,
CA, March 31-April 2, 2003    (40 KB)

Potential new observing technologies for addressing high-latitude science problems.

ASOF ISSG Meeting - Draft Report
Hamburg, GER, October 18-19, 2002(1 MB)

Notes from the second ASOF International Science Steering Group meeting.

ASOF Implementation Plan (ver 2)
2002    (2 MB)

Description of ASOF science objectives, organization and plans.

ASOF Brochure
2002    (489 KB)

Short ASOF summary.

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